Questions and Activities for after you've read Mackenzie's Last Run

  • If you were running away, what would you take with you?
  • Do you think running away from home is ever a good idea?  Why or why not?
  • What is the one thing that would have made a positive difference to Mac’s family after Dad died if only they’d done it?
  • Do you think you’d like having a twin?  Why or why not?
  • Do you agree with the statement that MACKENZIE’S LAST RUN is not just about the survival of a boy but about the survival of a family?  Why or why not?
  • Name one thing Mac could have done differently that would have significantly altered the story.
  • Is Mac the main character in this story?  What about Tessa?
  • How was music used in this novel?
  • How important was the setting to this story?
  • What would you do differently in Mac’s place? Would you start a fire?
  • Guilt plays a huge role in this story. Why does Tessa feel guilty?  Why does Mom feel guilty?
  • Can guilt ever be a good thing?
  • If you knew Mac, do you think you’d want to be his friend?  Why?
  • Would you want to be Tessa’s friend?  Why?
  • Do you think TJ was a good friend to Mac?
  • If you were writing a survival story, where would you set it and why?
  • Do you think the cover of the book gives a good sense of what the story is about? Why or why not?
  • Design a different cover for the book that you think would be even better.

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