What the Moon Said

What the Moon Said is the story of 10 year-old Esther and her family and how their love makes good times better and bad times bearable during the Great Depression.

Their move from the big city of Chicago to a small ramshackle farm in Wisconsin is full of changes for Esther.  Some of them are good, like being able to have a dog at last.  But some of them are bad, like having to use an outhouse because there is no indoor plumbing!

Join Esther on her "great adventure" and find out if she ever earns the hug she yearns for from her mother.   Find out what Esther discovers about luck—good and bad—and about the superstitions so important to her mother.  Find out what the moon said.

 And after you've read the book, come back and visit this site to learn more about Esther's  world—the games she played, the books she read and so much more.

What the Moon Said (Putnam, 2014)

View the video trailer for this book, made by Emma, Ava, & Michael Long .